Persuasive Faith

Exploring the credibility of the Christian faith

Welcome to Persuasive Faith

Persuasive Faith is a repeating one year long adult class at Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Oklahoma. As a class, which launched in the fall of 2014, we are committed to becoming equipped with answers to the questions which Christians encounter as to why they believe what they believe. This web site is established to provide podcasts of our lessons, as well as class materials and other relevant resources.

Most Christians at various times encounter questions about the credibility of their faith. It may be questions that arise in their own minds, or questions that their children bring home from school or college. They may have family or friends or coworkers who have important questions as to the credibility of the Christian faith. Or perhaps they are high school or college students, and encounter questions or objections in the classroom or from classmates.

The exciting news is that there are robust answers available to the thoughtful believer for virtually every question that a Christian may encounter. There is no need for the Christian to feel embarrassed about the things they believe, or to be hesitant to openly discuss with friends, loved ones, and acquaintances the questions they may have as to why we believe what we believe.

Persuasive Faith is designed to equip believers in two ways. First, we want to openly address the wide array of questions people have about, and the objections they raise to, the credibility of our faith. In doing so, we seek to provide solid, intellectually honest, spiritually informed answers to those questions. Second, since we cannot anticipate every question someone might possibly ask, we want to become equipped to know how to find the answers that are available by becoming familiar with the vast resources that are accessible to us, and learning how to understand and use those resources.